Breakfast & Brunch - Served until 5pm

  • Eggs Benedict £9.00
    Toasted muffin, ham, poached eggs, Indian hollandaise sauce
  • Eggs Florentine £8.00
    Toasted muffin, spinach, poached eggs, Indian hollandaise sauce V
  • Eggs Royale £10.25
    Toasted muffin, smoked salmon, poached eggs, Indian hollandaise sauce
  • Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs £10.25
    With wholemeal toast

All available with gluten free bread on request

  • Desi Chai £4
    The perfect accompaniment to all, Desi Chai, milky Indian tea brewed with cardamom, cinnamon & cloves

Breakfast & Brunch - Served until 5pm

  • Traditional Full English £11.25
    Sausage, bacon, tomato, beans, mushroom, toast and your style of egg
  • Vegetarian Full English £9.50
    Vegetarian sausage, hash browns, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms, toast and your style of egg  V
  • Aloo Chole & Paratha £11.00
    Potato and chickpea curry, traditional layered bread with mango chutney V
  • Paratha and Dahl £9.50
    Traditional layered flatbread, Mum’s Dahl with raita and achaar V
  • Vegan Full English £9.50
    Vegan sausage, beans, tomato, mushrooms, toast, hash browns V

V – Vegeterian
GF – Gluten Free
– Gluten Free Option

  • Available as a takeaway


  • Sliders £13.00 GFA
    Lamb kebabs, cucumber & mint relish, vegetable pakoras, Punjabi coleslaw, eggs bhurji, dahl sauce
  • Houmous Sharer £10.00 V
    Beetroot, coriander and lime and dhal infused houmous, celery and pepper dippers V
  • Punjabi Nachos £12.00 GFA
    Poppadoms, keema, dhal and paneer cheese with mint sauce
  • Pakoras, Poppadums & Pickles £9.00 V
    Mango chutney, raita & achaar

Salads - Served from 12pm

  • Cajun Chicken £12.50 GF
    Fresh coriander, sweet chilli creme fraiche
  • Halloumi & Grilled Vegetables £12.00 V GF
    Mediterranean style with a herb vinaigrette
  • Cod Masala £12.00
    Marinated and fried with raita or mango chutney

All made from crisp, fresh herb leaf, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion and pomegranate

Traditional Roast - Served from 12pm

  • Sirloin £14.95
    Served with Yorkshire puddings, herb roasted potatoes, braised red cabbage, baton carrots, buttered greens and gravy

V – Vegeterian
GF – Gluten Free
– Gluten Free Option

  • Available as a takeaway

Titus Tapas to share - Served from 12pm


  • Chips & Dahl V GF
    Homemade chips, Mum’s dahl
  • Halloumi Fries V
    Marinated, sweet chilli mayo
  • Fish Pakora
    Cod spiced and fried, mango chutney
  • Toad in the Hole GFA
    Yorkshire pud, sausages, curry gravy


  • Pakoras & Samosas GFA 
    Relish and raita
  • Baingan Bharta  V GFA 
    (Aubergine curry) bhatura bread 
  • Chicken Tikka  V
    Relish and raita
  • Aloo Chole Yorkshire Puds V  
    Potato & chickpea curry
  • Lamb Kebabs  GF
    Mint raita


  • Fish & Chips GF
    With Mum’s dahl
  • Chicken Curry Yorkshire Puds
    Perfect Yorkshire Indian! 
  • Mango Camembert V GFA
    Toasted bread, chutney
  • Punjabi Cheesy Fries  GF
    Keema, dhal, paneer


Some of our mouth watering dishes are now available as a takeaway option for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.
Order on : 01274 595633

  • Available as a takeaway

Wraps - Served from 12pm

Served with pakoras, salad and sauces

  • Halloumi Tandoori £10.50
    Lightly spiced halloumi, sweet chilli mayo
  • Chicken Tikka £11.00 
    Tender marinated chicken, relish and raita
  • Lamb Kebab £11.50
    Minced spiced kebabs, relish and raita
  • Fish Pakora £10.50
    Cod spiced and fried, mango chutney

Indian platters

  • Meat Punjabi platter £15.00 GFA
    Mum’s chicken curry, keema, dhal, with bhatura
  • Vegetarian Punjabi platter £13.50   V GFA
    Baingan bharta
  • Mum’s Punjabi Chicken Curry £13.25 GFA
    Homemade Indian recipe
  • Mum’s Keema Mattar £13.25 GFA
    Minced lamb, peas and peppers
  • Mum’s Punjabi Aloo Chole £12.00  V GFA
    Potato & chickpea

Served with a choice of paratha bread,
bhatura bread or rice

Sides - Served from 12pm

  • £3.25 EACH
    Homemade chips GFA / French fries GFA / Dhal GF / Basmati rice GF / Bhatura bread / Paratha / House mixed salad GF


  • Passion fruit cheesecake £6.50
  • Chocolate Brownie £7.00
  • Sweet Samosas £8.00
    Chilli chocolate and apple pie with vanilla and cardamom ice cream
  • Punjabi Apple Crumble £8.50
    Served with cardamom crumble GF
  • Gajar Halwa £7.00 GF
    Carrot pudding with vanilla and cardamom ice cream
  • Sorbet £5.50 GF GF
  • Mixed Ice Cream £5.50 GF
  • Cheese & Biscuits £9.00 GFA
    Yorkshire biscuits, chutney and fruit

V – Vegeterian
GF – Gluten Free
– Gluten Free Option

  • Available as a takeaway

Coffee &Tea

  • Desi Chai £4
  • Americano small/large £3.50
  • Espresso £3.50
  • Doppio £5.00
  • Cappuccino small £3.75/large £4.25
  • Latte small £3.75/large £4.25
  • Flat White £4.00
  • Macchiato £3.75
  • Mocha £4.50
  • Small Hot Chocolate £3.50
  • Large Hot Chocolate £3.75
  • Speciality Tea £3.25
  • Tea £3.00
  • Tea for Two £4.50
  • Small Hot Chocolate £4.50

We encourage pre-booking for meals!

Closed for refurbishment

We will be closed from Sunday the 25th of February for an extensive Bar & Restaurant refurbishment.

We apologise for any inconvenience and will look forward to seeing you all back very soon.

The Management team @ Don’t Tell Titus